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Jack Traven


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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles. Jack knows the highways and boulevards of L.A. like the back of his hand.

Profession… cop. The ambitious Jack has made a name for himself on the LAPD’s SWAT team. Though he often complains about the life-threatening nature of the work, he can’t seem to stop putting himself in adrenaline-fueled situations.

Interests… his trusty Colt M1911A1. Jack likes to rely on his personal firearm when he’s in tricky situations.

Relationship Status… single. Though Jack finds himself bonding with a civilian named Annie Porter, with whom he’s trapped in a harrowing hostage situation. They say that intense bonds are often formed under life-and-death circumstances.

Challenge… rescuing Annie and the other hostages trapped on a bomb-strapped L.A. bus. A mysterious bomber has strapped a public bus with C4. Once the bomb is activated by the bus going 50 miles per hour, it can’t slow down below 50 mph or the bomb will detonate. Anyway who’s driven in L.A. traffic knows that it’s not always easy to stay above 50 mph. So Jack needs to find a way to save the hostages and put together the clues to reveal the bomber’s identity. “It’s a game,” he explains to Annie. “If [the bomber] gets the money he wins, if the bus blows up he wins.” Jack only wins if he saves the day and catches the bomber.

Personality… confident, daring, and determined. Jack will stop at nothing to catch the psychopath bomber who’s been terrorizing the city. It’s his job, yes, but it’s also Jack’s calling.

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