Jack Teller
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Jack Teller

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Grew up… taking risks. Jack believes that the bigger the risk, the better the score. While he often talks up his own perfectionism, Jack can’t seem to resist the thrill of the steal.

Living… in a squalid apartment in Montreal. Jack isn’t planning to stay in Montreal forever. In fact, he lives the kind of minimal existence you might expect of a guy who’s looking to make a quick exit.

Visiting… the Montreal Customs House, every night. Jack has been working the graveyard shift as a janitor while pretending to be mentally disabled. Meanwhile, he’s been memorizing every nook and cranny. “It’s a little bit complicated, but it’s a very doable job,” he explains to his two colleagues. “I can handle the system in there if someone else can break into this box.”

Profession… thief. Jack is young and inexperienced, but talented. “I am very good at what I do. And I take it very, very seriously,” he explains to his older colleague Nick. Jack knows that he’s talented, and is beginning to act a bit big for his britches.

Challenge… stealing a valuable scepter from the Customs House. Jack is in the midst of the biggest job of his career, but his obsessive and condescending colleague Nick isn’t making it any easier for him. Nick has a set of strict rules, and Jack doesn’t feel he needs to follow all of them.

Personality… arrogant and intelligent. Jack is a showboat: the last thing that a thief should want to be. He loves the risk and the thrill of a heist more than the actual score.

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