Jack Reacher
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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

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About Him

Grew Up… as a talented and rising star in the United States Army Military Police Corps. However, after Jack obtained the rank of Major, he suddenly quit.

Living… across America, taking various small jobs to occupy his time. Jack has a penchant for investigating risky cases, despite being a civilian now. That means he travels exceedingly light and moves around constantly.

Profession… taking odd jobs and roaming the United States. Jack is called in when a fellow former Army sniper, James Barr, is accused of killing five people in Pittsburgh. James is seemingly caught pretty red-handed, but before confessing his guilt, he asks the authorities to “Get Jack Reacher.” Presumably Barr wants Jack to clear his name, but before Barr can explain more, he’s beaten by fellow prisoners and slips into a coma.

Interests… proving that Barr was guilty of this crime, no matter what Barr may have hoped he’d do. Barr killed several people in a rampage in Iraq and walked away scot-free, so Jack has vowed to bring him to justice. Despite the fact that Pittsburgh law enforcement are dead set on limiting Reacher’s access to evidence, he takes it upon himself to delve deeper into the case. He works with Barr’s attorney, Helen – who happens to be the daughter of the District Attorney – to go into more depth.

Relationship Status… single. Jack is married to justice. He’s a terrific investigator, and even more ruthless in his meting out his punishment. His wandering lifestyle, however, doesn’t exactly lend itself to a relationship.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of this case. Jack is convinced there are red flags at the murder site; he doesn’t believe a trained sniper like Barr would have selected that location unless he had some other motive. But powerful forces are arrayed against Jack finding the truth. Dangerous people want Jack dead, and will stop at nothing to prevent him from looking into this vicious crime.

Personality… honorable, committed, ruthless, and just. However, from all his experiences, Reacher has become rather jaded about the people who become the members of our armed forces: "There are four types of people who join the military. For some, it's family trade. Others are patriots, eager to serve. Next you have those who just need a job. Than there's the kind who want the legal means of killing other people." Jack has become a one-man army, and that’s the way he likes it.

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