Jack Pozzi
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Jack Pozzi

The Music of Chance

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About Him

Living… on the wild side. Jack's job and temperament don’t allow for a steady life. He’s either living on top of the world, or doing his best to stay alive in the gutter.

Visiting… a mansion in Pennsylvania. After hitchhiking with former fireman Jim Nashe, Jack believes he’s found the opportunity of a lifetime: a game of cards with two wealthy men who place bets “like Laurel and Hardy.”

Profession… “professional card player.” Though young, Jack's been gambling since he was a child, and he's gotten quite good at it. He knows all the ins-and-out of the poker, which he firmly believes that is a game of skill, not chance.

Interests… winning. Jack likes to hustle “your basic chumps,” but he prefers playing with “solid republicans with their Wall Street jokes” and fat checkbooks. He's confident that with “a steady dose of guys like that, I could retire before I’m 30.”

Challenge… escaping from underneath the worst debt he’s ever accumulated. The mysterious card game with the two rich gentlemen in Pennsylvania didn’t go entirely as planned. Now Jack and former partner Jim Nashe are being kept as prisoners on the Pennsylvanian estate, forced to serve eccentric millionaires Flower and Stone until they work off their debt.

Personality… independent, confident to excess, and tempestuous. Jack’s most natural element is the poker table. He can concentrate for hours on a good game of Hold ‘Em. In life, though, he can be a bit of a loose cannon.

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