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Jack Porter


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Grew Up… in the Hamptons, New York. Though the Hamptons are filled with the uber rich, Jack grew up in a normal, working-class family. In his childhood, he spent a lot of time playing on the beach with his best friend and crush Amanda Clarke.

Living… in the Stowaway Tavern, his father’s bar and the local watering hole for the common folks of the Hamptons. Though he feels a sense of duty to help his father run the bar and raise his brother Declan, Jack really wants to leave the Hamptons and sail the ocean blue in his boat, The Amanda.

Profession… bartender, sailor, and jack-of-all-trades. Although he has spent all of his life working at the bar, Jack hopes to sail to Haiti and volunteer in the aftermath of the earthquake. But between work at the bar and a billionaire who wants to buy his boat, Jack’s plans are starting to go astray.

Relationships… single, but it’s complicated. When his childhood crush Amanda disappeared, she left Jack her dog and his broken heart. Although many years have passed, Jack still carries a torch for Amanda. But the fates have brought the mysterious Emily Thorne into Jack’s life and now he’s very conflicted about his romantic feelings.

Challenge… balancing what he feels are his duties with his longing for escape and pursuing some noble cause. Sometimes it feels like everyone in his life is pulling him in different directions, and Jack struggles with finding his own path.

Personality… honest, responsible, and sweet. Jack might be one of the only honest, non-manipulative people in the Hamptons. He has an enormous sense of responsibility and only wants to do his best for his loved ones. However, his sweet and trusting personality might be a disadvantage now that Emily’s entry into the Hamptons has stirred up all sorts of drama and intrigue.

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