Jack McFarland
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Jack McFarland

Will & Grace

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About Him

Grew up... with his mother and a guy he thought was his father. As he found out as an adult, though, his mother doesn't even know who his father is. Jack has been on a quest to find his biological father ever since. 

Living… in New York City with his pet parrot named Guapo. But he's not there much. Instead, he likes to spend time at the apartment of his best friends, Will and Grace. When Jack was in high school, he actually was the one to break the two of them up. Jack swears by his "gaydar" and encouraged Will to come out to Grace instead of getting married to her. Although it caused a lot of drama at the time, they are all good friends now. And Jack is particularly close to Grace's assistant, Karen, who is almost as outrageous as Jack is. 

Profession… always changing. He’s been an acting teacher the longest, lasting until his class and “method” was taken over by one of his students. Aside from that he’s worked as a waiter, at Banana Republic, and at Barneys. He’s been a student nurse, a surfer, and a back-up dancer for Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson. It’s safe to say that Jack hasn’t been overwhelmingly successful at any of his “careers.”

Interests… theatre, in spite of his complete lack of talent. Jack worships all gay icons, especially Cher, whom he considers close to a god, if not God Herself. He is an avid fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Golden Girls, and Broadway icons Bernadette Peters, Betty Buckley, Idina Menzel and Patti LuPone.

Relationship Status… divorced. Jack agreed to get married to Karen's housekeeper Rosario so that she wouldn't be deported. And in exchange for helping her get her green card, Jack got a platinum card from Karen. Now that he's officially back on the market, Jack claims to not be one for “flings,” yet he can’t seem to hold onto a relationship with a man for more than a few weeks. And no matter what his relationship status, he’s usually convinced that anyone who is giving him any attention is probably falling in love with him. Jack is a serial dater, going on "literally thousands of dates a year." The good thing about all his dates is that he has great stories about them – including a barista at Jumbo Java who gives him free iced-coffee, the "cute ugly guy" who works at the Kiehl's counter at Barney's, and an incredibly cheap 80-year-old millionaire.

Challenge… taking life more seriously. Jack flits from job to job, from apartment to apartment, from man to man. He could grow up, but then things wouldn't be quite as fun. 

Personality… shamelessly camp. Jack loves himself to the point of self-absorption and celebrates all things “fabulous.” He will do anything he can to make everything all about him. While he is proud and vain, he is also well-intentioned and loyal. He will go out of his way to do the right thing when it comes to his friends. 

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