Jack Lucas
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Jack Lucas

The Fisher King

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About Him

Living… in New York City, the greatest city for walking around late at night alone and depressed while it's pouring rain - one of Jack’s favorite pasttimes. He walks to all the apartments he used to live in and thinks about how miserable he was in each one. He loves it.

Profession… radio talk show host. Mostly, yuppies call in and talk about their stupid problems, so Jack yells at them and tells them they're stupid. He can't stand these people. In his words, “Many of them are retarded and wear the same clothes. They're not human. They can't feel love. They can only negotiate 'love moments.' They're evil.”

Relationship Status… struggling. Anne is the girl he’s been seeing. Jack thinks she's at the end of her rope when it comes to dealing with his insanity. He doesn’t think it’s serious, but lately he’s been thinking about moving in with her. Mainly, he just wants things to work out. 

Challenge… helping Parry with his illness. Jack met Parry wandering around claiming to be on a mission in search of the “Holy Grail.” Parry went mad after his wife was murdered by a person who listened to Jack’s cynical show, and was driven to commit murder because of it. Together they scour the city looking at handmade collage murals and a bunch of old medieval artifacts – all to find this one thing that may or may not exist. But sometimes Parry just loses it and goes into hallucinations and panic attacks. Jack thinks he has it bad mentally, but then he sees Parry battling visions of ghosts and voices that aren't there.

Personality… selfish, arrogant, and depressed. Jack’s been selfish his whole life. No one else has ever really mattered to him. Somehow, Parry's different. He met Parry right when things were at the lowest point for him, and maybe that was for the best. If Jack could help Parry, he might be able to atone for his guilt. He’s sick of being a jerk. Everyone he knows is sick of him being a jerk, too.

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