Jack Jordan
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Jack Jordan

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About Him

Grew Up... on the wrong side of the law, committing all kinds of amoral acts – from theft to developing an addiction to hard drugs. To atone, Jack recently turned to God.

Living… on the road to redemption. He’s turned over a new leaf and now lives by the word of God. Jack teaches his wife and children biblical lessons, though he rules the house according to his own instincts.

Profession… nothing permanent. Jack mostly performs various small jobs to make ends meet. For instance Jack works at a golf club, but quickly gets fired because of his tattoos. He may be a straight Christian these days, yet Jack continues to be haunted by his past self.

Interests… church, rehabilitating youths, taking responsibility for his actions. Jack is the true Christian he says he is, and there’s no stopping him. He is active in a small youth church group, where he convinces young people to stay close to the Lord and steer clear of drugs and alcohol. He tells them, “If someone strikes you on your right cheek, turn your other to him also.”

Relationship Status… married. His wife Marianne doesn’t share his religious fervor, but supports him in his endeavors to stay clean – even if it means they can’t have quite as much fun as they once did. 

Challenge… choose between his family and his faith. When Jack gets into a bad car accident, he must decide whether to confess his guilt and pay the consequences, or keep quiet. It is not an easy choice.

Personality… dutiful and fanatical. Jack still has the grizzled features of his former criminal self—and could probably beat most people in a fight. But these days he’s devoted to his family and to his God. It’s impossible to get him to drink, let alone take the Lord’s name in vain. 

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