Jack Horner
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Jack Horner

Boogie Nights

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About Him

Overview... a big-shot porn director in the golden age of pornography. He owns a McMansion in the San Fernando Valley where parties are constantly being thrown and porn actresses are constantly overdosing on cocaine. But his home is also effectively the safe house for many of his all-but-orphaned porn stars, and Jack becomes something of a father to all of them. His biggest recent find – in more ways than one – is Dirk Diggler.

Personality… confident, arrogant, and sociable. Jack is the head honcho and everyone knows it, so no one minds if he has something of an ego about it. Jack loves what he does as much as any man, if not more, and his role as the father of his small band in the porn industry is all the more fulfilling. Still, he’s not a man to cross.

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