Jack Foley
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Jack Foley

Out of Sight

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About Him

Living… on the move. He was in Florida, but prison wasn’t to his taste, so he escaped. He had to share a car trunk with a U.S. marshal named Karen Sisco for a while, but that turned out to be surprisingly pleasant for both of them. Now he’s headed to Detroit with some associates to find Ripley, a crooked businessman they served time with who talked a little too freely about hiding uncut diamonds in his home.

Profession… bank robber, mostly. He’s now in search of Ripley, who owes him a payday. The guy’s got five million in diamonds lying around his house, and Jack wants a piece of it. He would also like to unwind a bit now that he’s free: “I've been dreaming about a hot bath for the last six months. Soak the prison off me.”

Interests… playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Karen, the federal marshal. Jack actually enjoys her company. She's real easy to talk to. He wonders if they met under different circumstances and got to talking, say if she were in a bar and he came up to her – what would happen?  Jack doesn’t know if she's chasing him because she's got a crush or because it's her job. It makes it that much more fun for both of them.

Relationship Status… single. Relationships are tough to maintain, since he’s in and out of prison. Jack was married for a while, but what he had with his wife wasn’t a true connection. Now he thinks he might have it with Karen. Then again, she might arrest him instead. You never know for sure.

Challenge… staying out of prison. He’s spent half his life in and out of jail. If he goes back now, he’ll do a full 30 years, no time off. The place is called Glades Correctional Institution and he’s sure as hell not going back there or any place like it. That's why this visit to Ripley needs to go exactly as planned. Unfortunately Ripley ran his mouth too much in prison, so who knows who else might show up to try to steal his diamonds. Not all the criminals Jack knows are as nice as him; some are violent psychopaths.

Personality… charismatic. He’s an outlaw, but he’s not an enemy of the people. People like him because he’s got a good smile. He’s not exactly the nine-to-five type, so he doesn’t pretend to be. He might smell like a sewer, but you can tell he’s a gentleman. They say John Dillinger was a pretty nice guy too.

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