Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… poor in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. But Jack didn’t stay there for long. After his parents died, he took off to travel through Europe.

Visiting… a world of wealth and luxury on the famous RMS Titanic oceanliner, the world's first unsinkable ship. Ordinarily, Jack could never have afforded a ticket, but he and his friend Fabrizio won them in a high-stakes poker game. The ship is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from England to the United States. With the ocean breeze behind him and the open seas ahead of him, he feels as if he is "king of the world."

Profession… talented (but penniless) artist. In Paris, he sketched nude models. Thankfully, he found that one of the benefits of the City of Lights is "there’s a lot of girls willing to take their clothes off." His portrait of a nude one-legged prostitute is the one he is most proud of. 

Interests… playing poker, dancing to Irish music, and spitting like a man. Jack appraoches life in the same way he plays poker: taking big risks. He'd rather risk it all and lose than live a boring and comfortable existence. He wants to make each day count. 

Relationship Status… in progress. Jack is riding as a third-class passenger, but he has begun a secret relationship with Rose, a first-class woman who has been forced by her financially troubled mother to marry a wealthy and arrogant Englishman named Cal who is also a passenger. Jack met Rose for the first time when he saved her from a suicide plunge off the front of the Titanic. Although Rose is much wealthier than him, Jack saw firsthand that money doesn't buy happiness. Initially, Jack was determined to brighten her spirits. But somewhere along the way, he has fallen deeply in love. 

Challenge… winning Rose’s heart. She shows a deep affection for Jack from the start, and they have an undeniable chemistry. But they both realize that their relationship is likely doomed. One of the biggest obstacles is her fiancé, Cal, who believes Jack is up to no good from the start. And honestly, he’s right about that. 

Personality… optimistic, witty, and wild. Jack is the epitome of youth. He can be naïve in his world-view, but is well traveled and hard-lived enough to know a few things about survival and the ways of the world. Although Jack could be bitter about some of the challenges he's faced in his life, he feels truly blessed. If anything, he feels free for having no possessions. He has a big heart and will do pretty much anything for those he loves. 


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