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Jack Crawford


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Living…  in Baltimore, Maryland, where a series of murders have lately hit the area. Working with the FBI, Jack is at often at the forefront of investigations into these murders, and he's no stranger to blood and bodies.

Profession… head of the FBI's Behavior Sciences Unit. A decisive and confident agent, Jack is the perfect leader for a department devoted to catching dangerous killers.

Interests… keeping the public safe, by any means possible. It's for this reason that Jack calls on FBI teacher Will Graham, whose unique empathy makes him both the perfect man for catching serial killers and too psychologically unstable to do it. Despite this, Jack continues to call on Will, defending his actions with the justification that, "I'd rather he go a little mad than other citizens lose their lives, and I know he'd feel the same way."

Relationship Status… married to the love of his life, Bella. Even years after he first met her in Italy, Jack's deeply in love with his wife. But when Bella is diagnosed with lung cancer, it seems like they won't have many years left.

Challenge… catching the serial killers assigned to his division. So far, there have been few killers that the FBI and Will's gift have been unable to catch, but there is one notable exception: the Chesapeake Ripper, a murderer known for dismembering and theatrically displaying his victims. Though it's been years since the Ripper struck, Jack is certain that he'll strike again soon, and he has a burning, almost personal, need to catch him.

Personality… headstrong and occasionally ruthless, but deeply devoted to doing what's right. An assertive, straightforward man, Jack isn't one to mince words. Nor is he afraid to engage in ethically questionable behavior if he thinks it can bring results. Still, Jack isn't unscrupulous: he might be willing to use Will's gifts for the greater good, but Jack's also unwilling to let his friend be damaged because of him.  

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