Jack Colton
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Jack Colton

Romancing the Stone

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About Him

Living… a kind of car-free existence. Jack lives by the seat of his mud-stained pants down in Colombia. It's down in its jungles that Jack carves out his survivalist life.

Profession… soldier of fortune. Jack is the type to do anything for a price, explaining, "Now I ain't cheap but I can be had." When a damsel-in-distress romance novelist who he saves offers him money to help her find her kidnapped sister, it's the money that attracts him to her offer.  However, it soon becomes more personal.

Interests… getting out. Jack keeps a picture of a sail boat he desperately wants. It's clear that his adventurous lifestyle has worn him down, and that deep down he wants a more peaceful existence. There's more to this mercenary than meets the eye.

Relationship Status… promising. Although Jack and Joan have undeniable chemistry, they also have extremely different personalities. He’s rugged and daring, if not slightly abrasive, and she’s meek and usually a homebody. They make quite an odd couple down in Colombia. Complicating matters is the fact that Joan is using a treasure map to ransom her sister back. Will Jack try to selfishly steal the treasure for himself, or is he more of a knight in shining armor than he lets on?

Challenge… helping Joan find her sister, while managing not to get killed by the drug cartel and corrupt police force hot on their tail. Not one to get entangled unnecessarily, Jack can't help but wonder if agreeing to help Joan was the right move.

Personality… irreverent, rascally, rugged, but not without his charm. Handy in a tight spot, and daring with a rescue, if Jack wasn't such a scoundrel he might actually be a gentleman.

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