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Jack Cole


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About Him

Living… in San Diego. It’s convenient for his work as an aspiring actor. If an audition comes up, LA is only two hours away.                              

Visiting… Santa Barbara Wine Country with his best man, Miles. Miles has taken him there to drink wine, play some golf, and eat amazing food before Jack gets married.                            

Profession… actor. But his fiancé’s dad is trying to get him into the family business. This says a lot, considering how long it took for him to get over Jack not being Armenian.                               

Interests… playing golf. But Miles hopes to get him into wine tasting.

Relationship Status… engaged. But after knowing another woman for 24 hours, Jack thinks he is in love and may put the wedding on hold. He says, "I fully realize that making a change like that might be tricky for certain people to accept at first, but life is short. I met someone on this trip who has opened my eyes. Stephanie is not uptight or controlling. She's just cool. Things are so easy with her.”

Challenge… fighting with Miles. Miles disapproves of his actions, but just doesn't understand Jack’s plight. Miles should stick to what he knows – wine, not women.

Personality… cocky. He is good looking, and knows it. As he says, "I get chicks looking at me all the time. All ages. Dudes too." He’s not the deepest guy, but he definitely makes trips exciting.

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