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About Him

Grew up... as a mechanic and former Marine. However, much of Jack’s past is shrouded in mystery.

Living... as the reigning DeathWatch champion. In the DeathWatch game show, it’s kill or be killed. And after the previous games, Jack was the last man standing.

Visiting... Varrigan City, Jefferson Island. After the city was suddenly transformed into the next DeathWatch arena, Jack arrived to investigate. Not only is he planning to win the games, but he also wants to find out who is behind them and shut down the entire operation.

Profession... agent for the Ministry of Justice. After becoming the last DeathWatch champion, Jack retired and became a “chaser” for the Ministry of Justice. However, he is by no means their puppet and often has agendas of his own. As he puts it, “I’m no champion of justice, and I’m certainly not its b*tch.”

Interests… killing. As Jack says himself, “I don’t help people, I kill them.” However, he typically kills people while serving some greater good.

Relationship Status... single. Jack has a friendly working relationship with his Ministry of Justice contact Amala, but besides that he is single. But given his homicidal and nomadic lifestyle, it’s not that surprising.

Challenge... surviving DeathWatch. The games are full of crazy, dangerous, larger-than-life characters all looking to take Jack down and become the new champion. To escape with his life and solve the mystery, Jack will have to kill each and every last one of them.

Personality... brutal, stoic, and self-aware. Jack may be an unfeeling killing machine, but at least he knows it. What sickens him most is when other people are unaware of or try to deny their own bloodlust, which the games were designed to satiate. Jack is many things, but he’s not a hypocrite.

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