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Jack Carter


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About Him

Living… in the strangest town he’s ever seen. Eureka, Oregon, is a secret town full of geniuses, responsible for most of the scientific innovations in humanity since the town was founded. Jack didn’t originally intend to move there, but he got a job offer. Now he has a smart-house named SARAH.

Profession… sheriff of Eureka. Jack and his daughter Zoe were just passing through when a disaster took out the former sheriff. Jack was able to save the day, and now he has a job alongside his deputy, Jo, who was passed over for the top spot. But being law enforcement in Eureka has less to do with parking tickets or drugstore robberies, and more to do with stopping the end of the world. Again.

Interests… normal stuff, like baseball. Jack warms up quite a bit to SARAH when he finds out she can call up sports magazines instantly.

Relationship Status… divorced. He and Zoe’s mother split because Jack spent too much time at work, and didn’t focus enough on his family. Now Zoe’s run away from her mother, though, so Jack has another chance to bond with his daughter.

Challenge… keeping the world intact. Eureka has some of the brightest and best minds in the world, and their inventions have helped humanity. But when they’re in the midst of the creation process, sometimes things go horribly wrong. Miniature black holes, evil robots – you get the idea. Jack’s just a normal guy, but he is the sheriff, so he’s got to stop all these geniuses from accidentally wiping out everyone.

Personality… matter of fact, responsible, and street-smart. Jack might not be a world-class mind like most in Eureka, but he has good intuition and he doesn’t get caught up in the little things, which helps him solve problems. He’s completely dedicated to helping people, and even worries he’s not useful enough in this town of geniuses. Oftent, he gets fed up with all their jargon and with the number of things going wrong, but he won’t quit. Just complain a little. 

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