Jack Campbell
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Jack Campbell

The Family Man

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About Him

Living… in New York City. Jack lives the high life in his big fancy apartment with all his sharply tailored business suits.

Profession… Wall Street executive. But Jack’s life is turned upside down when he wakes up one morning to discover that he’s living in an alternate universe. Now, Jack’s just a modest tire-salesman.

Interests… money and power. Jack lives to work, even scheduling meetings on Christmas Day just to seal a merger deal. However, now that someone else is driving his Ferrari, Jack has to turn his interests toward less material things: his brand-new family.

Relationship Status… complicated. Jack thrived on hook-ups and one night stands while he was a successful Wall Street guy. But one day he wakes up in a different bed with a ring on his finger and two kids. Turns out, he and his old girlfriend Kate got married in this alternate life. He forgot their anniversary because he had no memory of marrying her. Jack doesn't want them to be that couple, even if they’re not really a couple. Or are they?

Challenge… adjusting to his new life. Jack was just a money-hungry bachelor in New York City until he wakes up in the middle of suburbia. Now, he has a family, a different job, and a whole new life. The only trouble is, he has no memory of this life. He thinks it has something to do with a guy he met the previous night at a convenience store – a prophetic man named Cash.

Personality… callous, ambitious, and self-centered. Jack’s life was all about him and he lived independent of others. That made him a very good businessman, but not so good a person. But now he has to learn how to be the opposite of the man he was and survive a life in suburbia with a family that depends on him. If this experience doesn't change him, then he doesn't have the capacity to change.

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