Jack Byrnes
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Jack Byrnes

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About Him

Grew Up… with a loving mother, Angela, whom he later lost to cancer, inspiring Jack to write the poetry, “You gave me life. You gave me milk. You gave me courage.”

Living… in a beautiful house in Long Island with his wife, Dina. They have three children together, but they are all grown now and out of the house. His daughter Deborah is about to get married, so everyone is back together again.

Profession… florist, but that’s just his cover. He is a retired CIA counterintelligence agent. Jack’s profession has taught him how to miraculously give a polygraph test using only his hands and eyes to sense the subject’s lies – a skill that comes in handy when Pam brings her boyfriend Greg home to meet the parents. 

Interests… his cat Mr. Jingles. Jack loves him almost as much as his children and even has him toilet trained.

Relationship Status… happily married. Dina is a supportive wife, who also helps Jack realize when he is being too harsh. Dina, like Jack, wants what is best for their children. But unlike Jack, Dina knows how to step back and let them choose a path for themselves.

Challenge… foiling Greg’s plans to marry his daughter. Jack immediately dislikes Pam’s boyfriend who is a male nurse. He taunts Greg from the first time they meet, responding to every one of Greg’s claims with a challenge. Jack isn’t afraid to use his ex-CIA skills to uncover dirt on Greg. He ignites an all-out battle of wits with Greg, pitting Jack’s entire family either for or against him – in a conflict that can only end in tears.

Personality… cunning, secretive, suspicious, and protective. Jack only reveals information on a need-to-know basis, and requires more than just a little warming up to.  Nevertheless, he deeply loves his family, and will do anything to protect them. 

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