Jack Baker
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Jack Baker

The Fabulous Baker Boys

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About Him

Living… in Seattle, but he’s been all over the country in over 68 cities. 

Profession… jazz piano performer with his brother Frank. Frank has always always handled the business side of things for which he got a higher cut, but Jack is the true talent of the two. It's been fifteen years since Jack and his brother Frank first stepped on the stage, and their act of playing elevator music was getting stale. They thought they should make some changes and take on a singer. After a countless number of auditions, they decided on Susie Diamond, a high-priced call girl who wants to make a career change.

Interests… teaching piano to Nina, their neighbor's daughter. She's almost ready for "Jingle All the Way." Her parents are split and they don't much time for her so they appreciate the help. Jack appreciates having someone he can talk to in simple terms. Adults can be so complicated.

Relationship Status… single by choice. Frank's got a real family, a wife to go home to that he trusts and loves. All Jack has are one-night stands and forgotten faces. Sometimes it seems like the most significant relationship in his life is with his dog. Though things are starting to heat up now with the saucy new singer – especially when she wears a slinky red dress and sings “Makin' Whoopee." Jack can’t help but be attracted to her, but his brother would kill him if he ever made a move. She’s their business partner, after all. 

Challenge… getting his life together. Right now his only solution to his problems costs eight-fifty a bottle, available any time day or night at your friendly neighborhood liquor store. He can't stand Frank pointing out his imperfections as if he’s oblivious to them himself. Yet he can’t bring himself to change. It’d be too easy to just keep coasting. 

Personality… cool. That's what he’s always gone for. Jack is the shadow who's so cool and so hip and so sure he's better than everyone else. Though Jack is coming to realize that coolness doesn’t keep you company. 

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