Jack Aubrey
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Jack Aubrey

Master and Commander

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About Him

Grew Up… on the sea. Jack has been a mariner since the age of 12, and he’s served under the most prestigious officers in the Royal Navy.

Living… at sea aboard his ship, the HMS Surprise. As he tells his men, “England is under threat of invasion, and though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home! This ship is England.”

Profession… Master and Commander of his ship. Aubrey has been given the responsibility of locating the French ship Acheron and to either “sink, burn, or take her as a prize.” When the Surprise does encounter its French enemy, Aubrey realizes that he is out of his class – the Acheron is stronger, larger, and faster than his own ship.

Interests… order and discipline. Captain “Lucky Jack” knows that order always leads to victory, or at least gives one the best chance, and thus he needs his men to be loyal. That's a big reason why he prefers to keep his sailors happy. In his words, “I’d rather have them three sheets to the wind than face a mutiny.”

Challenge… finding and outwitting the Acheron. Jack knows that the balance of power in the Napoleonic Wars could be tipped by a ship like the Acheron. While the Surprise is in no condition to attack it head on, Jack feels that he and his crew can somehow outsmart their enemy.

Personality… dedicated, daring, and dangerous. A charismatic commander, Jack is known to take death-defying risks. While his crew and officers believe they should give up and return to England, Jack won’t go home until he knows his mission is complete.

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