Jabba the Hutt
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Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Series

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About Him

Overview... a slug-like alien gangster. Jabba is a loan-shark and crime boss on the desert planet Tatooine. If you cross him, he will send a slew of bounty hunters to teach you a lesson, or imprison you as a scantily-clad slave, as he does with Princess Leia. Fortunately, the Princess has only come to Jabba’s palace with the intention of saving Han Solo, whose frozen body has become one of Jabba’s trophies.

Personality… formidable, gluttonous, and diabolical. Jabba’s palace contains a host of seedy entertainment and criminals, including bounty hunters, alien musicians, slave girls, and giant monsters. Jabba himself is a huge toad-faced stink-bomb, who can’t stop stuffing his face with live creatures. And his rotten personality is the only thing more disgusting than his stench.

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