J.J. Sefton
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J.J. Sefton

Stalag 17

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About Him

Overview... an American P.O.W. in a Luftwaffe prison camp, Stalag 17, along the Danube River. They plucked Sefton out of the skies and now they must see to it that the prisoners do not fly away. They do not like men escaping from Stalag 17 – especially not the enemy airmen from Compound D. But Sefton might be able to trade with the Nazis for a better stay. The other prisoners probably won’t like that.

Personality... traitorous wheeler-and-dealer, at least on the surface. Sefton understands why the others dislike him. They think he’s a rat for squealing on another American, but who can trust anyone in a place like this? Anyone could be a German that the Nazis planted in his barracks. They do that type of thing. Sefton is definitely out for himself first, but whether that means he is a traitor or spy remains to be seen.

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