JJ Mayfair

JJ Mayfair

    Outer Banks
Photo Credit: Netflix

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Outer Banks, North Carolina. JJ lives in The Cut, the poor side of the island. JJ’s dad is a drunk, and in his angry, intoxicated states JJ usually ends up taking a beating. When he isn’t evading the law, JJ hangs out with the Pogues, a group comprising of John B, Kiara, and Pope. 

Interests… beer, weed, and revenge. JJ definitely has his vices; he can often be found smoking a joint or sipping a beer. Although, he still has a clear enough head to see if any of his friends have been insulted or hurt. JJ is the first person to step up and defend someone’s honor, no matter how far he has to take it. He illegally acquired a gun, which usually helps him get the upper hand. When JJ isn’t on a bender, he can be found surfing the biggest waves on the Carolina coast.

Relationship status… single. JJ has too much on his plate to even think about girls. Sure, Kiara is always around, always looks beautiful, and never fails to flirt a little bit. But the Pogues’ number one rule is “no Pogue on Pogue mackin’.” In other words, Kiara is off limits. 

Challenge… controlling himself. JJ has a flair for the dramatic. Combine that with an abusive father and a “nothing to lose” attitude, and you get a reckless teenager with drug issues. Although he may do some stupid things, JJ always looks on the bright side: “Stupid things have good outcomes all the time.”

Personality… spirited and immature, but loyal. JJ never seems to think before he acts. This wouldn’t normally be a huge problem, but JJ has a gun and is probably high or drunk at any given moment. Underneath the angry exterior, JJ is just a teenage boy who has been hurt by so many people who claimed to love him. His friends are his true family, and he would do anything, no matter how stupid, to protect them. He is loyal to the core, but his reckless behavior may land them all in hot water, sooner rather than later.


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