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Grew Up… to become a living action film legend. At his height, Jean-Claude Van Damme was a blockbuster star. In a tale that proves what goes up fast must come down even faster, though, Jean-Claude has risen to the heights of success only to be brought down by all the vices that come along with it.

Living… back in Belgium. Financially bankrupt, and losing a custody battle against his ex-wife over his daughter, Jean-Claude Van Damme goes back to his childhood home to reconnect with his roots. Surprisingly enough, he gets to act in maybe the last great action sequence of his life, and this time it's real.

 Profession… actor, struggling from project to project. He’s 47 now, and is considered too old to do the action scenes he was famous for. Jean-Claude is trying to reason with his past demons and figure out what his life really means: "It's not my fault if I was cut out to be a star. I asked for it. I asked for it, really believed in it. When you're 13, you believe in your dream. Well it came true for me. But I still ask myself today what I've done on this Earth. Nothing! I've done nothing!"

Relationship Status… in the process of getting divorced. His wife is not playing fair in the divorce proceedings. She even got their daughter to tell the courts he is not a fit father because she gets teased about her father’s movies at school.

Challenge… getting caught up in a bank robbery. He tried to use the ATM, but when that didn’t work, he went into a bank only to find himself becoming one of the hostages. And to make matters worse, the bank robbers are pinning the heist on him. 

Personality… honest and proud. He is man with a difficult past, but he isn’t making any excuses and he isn’t trying to make others sorry for him. He is prepared to speak directly to his fans, coming clean about everything once and for all.

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