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Living... in a white L.A. at work and a black L.A. when she gets out. During the day, it’s all about keeping herself from lashing out at white colleagues who are insensitive at best and racist at worst. And when she’s done she goes home to her longtime boyfriend, Lawrence, who’s been out of work long enough for it to be a deal-breaker.

Profession... liaison at “We Got Y’all,” a non-profit that helps inner-city students in Los Angeles. But doing good can be hard – both in schools, where kids have plenty of jokes to make at her expense, and in the office, where she’s surrounded by white co-workers who don’t understand black culture. Like, at all.

Interests… rapping to her reflection in the mirror, and at random open mics where she tells the crowd about her “broken pussy.”

Relationship Status...  in a long-term relationship. For now. Lawrence and Issa have been together for a long time and live together, but it’s a life of routine. For her birthday, she decided to ditch Lawrence to hang out with her best friend Molly, and make a move on a guy she’s been stalking on Facebook. When she didn’t come home at the end of the night, it sent a clear sign to Lawrence.

Challenge... figuring out her life. Things with Lawrence aren’t good, she’s struggling at work, and she’s not even sure if that’s the type of job she wants. Her relationship with Molly is as strong as ever, but Molly is a demanding friend, and Issa’s already spread thin.  

Personality... awkward, outgoing, fun. She’s not afraid to take the mic at a rap show, but she’s also not the smoothest when she starts rapping. She goes out with Molly to try and find some guys, but they usually end up coming home together. She calls herself “Ms. Gives No F-cks” but she learns that taking charge of your life means giving at least one or two.

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