Isobel Crawley
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Isobel Crawley

Downton Abbey

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Living… in Crawley House, a small residence in Yorkshire located right by a public square in the village. Isobel is new to Downton, having recently moved in from Manchester. Her son was declared heir to the estate, and so she followed him to the grand manor, although currently they live in town rather than on the grounds of the estate.

Profession… unemployed, but desperate to work. Isobel is ecstatic when she discovers that Downton has a hospital of its own and is eager to get involved: “If I am to live in this village, I must have an occupation. Please, let me be useful.” Lady Violet Crawley, the president of the clinic, isn’t so keen on letting a stranger butt into the practice, (distant) relative or not.  

Interests… medicine. Her father, brother, and late husband were all doctors and Isobel herself studied nursing during the Boer War. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has kept up with all the latest procedures and treatments.

Relationship Status… widowed. Isobel was happily married to Dr. Reginald Crawley until he died from dropsy of the heart. The couple only had one child, a son named Matthew.

Challenge… fitting in at Downton. When Matthew is named heir to Lord Grantham’s estate, Isobel and her son must leave their upper-middle-class life and enter the world of aristocrats. It won’t be an easy transition, but she is determined to win their respect: “What they expect, Matthew, is that we won’t know how to behave. So if you don’t mind, I would rather not confirm their expectations.”

Personality… compassionate and adaptable. Isobel quickly realizes that life at Downton will be different than anything she has experienced before and she tries her best to acclimate. That doesn’t mean she’ll abandon her principles, though. Isobel has always been a champion of the less fortunate and there are plenty of them living in the village. If the Downton Crawleys won’t do anything about their situation, she will. 

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