Ishmael Boorg

Ishmael Boorg

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… living a double life. Ishmael sneaks off now and then from the Amish farm where he resides to the bowling alley. He fears what would happen if his family discovered his secret. His community is in trouble – they need half a million dollars or else their land is going to be foreclosed. When a strange man with a hook for hand named Roy Munson tells him about the $1 million Reno Bowling Invitational, Ishmael must unleash his hidden bowling talents in order to save his people.

Personality… gullible, polite, and lumbering. Ishmael is just a big ol’ galoot. He is a good boy who kisses his bearded grandma on the cheek and harbors a deep respect for his religion and culture. He is nevertheless open-minded in his own way, and his zest for life is evident in the enthusiasm with which he tries new things, like dancing. In fact, he dances like no one’s watching, which is basically how he lives his life as well.


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