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Grew Up… in France. Isabelle is coming of age in 1960s Paris. Her father is French and her mother is English, and she has a twin brother, Théo. She and Théo have grown up doing everything together, sharing everything, and occasionally getting in childish fights with each other.

Living… with her parents in central Paris. The year is 1968, a time of political unrest in Paris, especially for young students. Though she is not a political activist herself, she and her brother sympathize and identify with the youth of France.

Profession… none. Isabelle is a film buff. She doesn’t have a career in film, but may as well, considering the amount of time she spends watching movies and going to the Cinématheque Française. After meeting Matthew, a young American, at a protest outside the Cinéma, she, Théo, and Matthew become friends.

Interests… film, politics, rock and roll, and having fun. Isabelle is always up for a laugh, playing forfeits with her brother and Matthew, daring each other to do stupid and sometimes crazy things.

Relationship Status… in Matthew, though her relationship with her brother seems to have more to it than usual sibling affection.

Challenge… understanding her place in the world. Matthew points out certain facts about herself that she cannot see or acknowledge. The strength of her personality and her love for her brother prevent her from seeing things as they really are. Matthew is on the right track when he tells her, “I wish you could step out of yourself and just look.”

Personality… insatiable, pushy, free-spirited, childish, and fun loving. She’s also quick-witted and insightful in many ways. When Matthew tells Théo and Isabelle that he likes their parents she responds, “Other people's parents are always nicer than our own. And yet for some reason, our grandparents are always nicer than other peoples’.”


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