Isabel Archer
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Isabel Archer

The Portrait of a Lady

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About Her

Grew Up… in Albany, New York, in her family’s library. Isabel was a precocious girl with a thirst for experience, born to a modest family. But her sights were always set much further than her provincial hometown.

Visiting… Europe for the first time. Isabel is currently staying at her wealthy uncle’s estate, just outside of London. There is little more satisfying to an adventurous woman than to be young, single, and amongst the educated classes of Europe. She’s bound to find a few admirers.

Interests… experience. Some might call Isabel a tad naïve – she knows nothing about the dangerous ways of the world, but she wants nothing more than to learn about it all. She has an insatiable hunger for life, and she believes the best way to learn is do so independently. “I’m rather ashamed of my plans,” she says. “I make a new one every day.”

Relationship Status… single, but highly eligible. Isabel’s beauty is only matched by her keen intelligence, and she would be the ideal wife for a European gentleman. She’s had a few offers from well-to-do suitors so far, but she’s saving herself for true love – lest she be deceived.

Challenge… guarding both her heart and her newly amassed fortune. After her uncle’s death, Isabel finds herself in a most agreeable financial position. Her obstinate dedication to her own independence, once a virtue, may turn out to be a trap with her newfound wealth.

Personality… smart, vivacious, and vigorously independent. Isabel is the type to make her own decisions. In fact, sometimes she goes a bit too far trying to prove to others that she’s self-reliant. She sometimes confuses good-hearted advice with cruel demands when she’s being overly sensitive. But she’s a formidable young woman with the prime of her life ahead of her, and she’s determined to make it count.

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