Isaac McAdoo

Isaac McAdoo

    Ted Lasso

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Great Britain. Isaac is not typically open about his personal life. However, one can imagine that he has been instilled with his persistent work ethic and grit from a young age.

Living… in London, England. Isaac lives a disciplined life dedicated to his profession. He sometimes goes out in his free time, like any professional athlete, but he never really shows enthusiasm or passion about anything other than football.

Profession… professional footballer in the Premier League for AFC Richmond. Isaac plays the sport with passion funneling his anger into action on the pitch. He gives his club an upper hand by adding a significant physical and aggressive aspect to their game. Although there have been growing pains, Isaac shows great promise to develop into a great leader for the club.

Interests… hair. Outside of football Isaac enjoys giving haircuts, especially to his teammates, and has a boisterous reputation as the best barber around. When his teammates need to clean up for a date, event, etc. Isaac is the one who has their back, which speaks strongly to his character.

Relationship Status… single. Isaac is not one to easily open up to another person. However hopefully one day he can find someone who can get through to him and allow him to be vulnerable.

Challenge… stepping into leadership. Issac is a natural leader who does so through example, being an assertive and intimidating figure on the pitch. But he sometimes struggles to lead in the spotlight, something he must seek guidance for from more experienced individuals.

Personality… tough, stoic, and loyal. Isaac is everything a club can look for in a captain. He may not show it all the time, hiding under an angry and intimidating persona. But he has a soft side, and he truly cares a lot about his friends and teammates and will not hesitate to stand up for them when it truly matters.


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