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Overview... a thief with far more imagination than brains. Isaac is partners in sorta-crime with long-time girlfriend Miria Harvent. It's a nice gig, though it's very rare they actually commit any real crime. Most of the time, Isaac and Miria are too busy trying to steal museums or robbing people while dressed up as baseball players to do much harm. Still, by 1930, they've managed to do some impressive things, like befriending multiple crime bosses and becoming immortal entirely by accident.

Personality... well-intended, but far less brilliant than he thinks. Isaac has glorious, beautiful plans, but his logic behind them can be a bit... odd. (No, mining for gold does not count as "steal[ing] from the Earth.") Still, Isaac has a good heart, and no matter what how spotty the reasoning, Miria is always up for whatever new scheme her partner suggests.    

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