Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin

Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin

Perdido Street Station

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About Him

Living… in New Crozubon, a bustling city where mages and scientists, poor and rich, and human and nonhuman populations coexist. Unfortunately, all this diversity comes with its fair share of inequality and bigotry, and tensions still exist between the human and Xenian citizens of the city.

Profession… scientist – mad scientist, to be more precise. Isaac once held a prestigious position at New Crozubon University, but he gave it all up to study Unified Field Theory. A new area of study, UFT is "just about respectable, but a bit crackpot," and by pursuing it, Isaac's made himself equally disreputable.

Interests… science, of any kind. But while Isaac might like to dabble, he's most at home when studying crisis energy, the theory he left the University for. If Isaac could crack crisis energy, not only would he solve one of the fundamental problems facing UFT, but he'd also be able to tap into "enormous power." Currently, crisis energy is even less accepted than UFT, but if Isaac has his way, it won't be for long.

Relationship Status… dating Lin, a khepri woman. With the bodies of humans and the heads of beetles, khepri are Xenians and therefore off-limits to any reputable scientist. As Isaac gloomily puts it, "To cross-love openly would be a quick route to pariah status." Consequently, despite their love for each other, Isaac and Lin's relationship is doomed to be a clandestine one.

Challenge… vindicating crisis energy and UFT. Research takes money, though, and with no university willing to give an outcast scientist a grant, Isaac has to take on odd jobs to make ends up. Currently, his client is Yagharek, a garuda who wants to fly again. It's a difficult case, especially since Yagharek's wings have been cut off, but Isaac's always up for a challenge. But when he picks up an interesting caterpillar to help him study flight, Isaac may have gotten himself into more than he knows...

Personality… intelligent, curious, and bold. Straightforward and boisterous, Isaac sees little use for outdated conventions, especially when they interfere with science. He does need money, though, and so Isaac is forced to be secretive about his love for Lin, much to their mutual unhappiness.

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