Irwin M. Fletcher
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Irwin M. Fletcher


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About Him

Living... alone in Los Angeles since his divorce. Fletch owes his ex-wife $918 in alimony, but he refuses to pay since he thinks she is living with her lover Monty. He’s probably right.

Profession... newspaper columnist writing under the pseudonym of Jane Doe. He is working on an investigative story about drug traffic on the beach. As he points out, it’s the hard stuff – not Robitussin and No-Doz.  Fletch is undercover and wants to look like the other beach bums, so he doesn't shower much. It’s not a big stretch for him.

Interests… eating beluga caviar and lobster thermidor, and drinking bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. He can’t afford these luxuries on his salary, so he needs to find people to support his lifestyle. That loudmouth down at the club, Mr. Underhill, should fit (and pay) the bill nicely. Fletch also loves the Lakers, and likes to dream about playing power forward for the purple and gold.

Relationship Status... single. He is smart and funny, but he hasn’t had much luck with women since the divorce. And it’s not that hard to understand why if you hear his pickup lines. Exhibit A: “Why don't we go lay on the bed, and I'll fill you in?”  That edges out, “Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.” Recently, though, he’s intrigued by a woman named Gail that he meets during his investigation. She’s the wife of a wealthy man named Alan Stanwyk.

Challenge... looking into a questionable story. Alan Stanwyk approached him on the beach, mistaking him for a junkie deadbeat, and said he had a proposition. Stanwyk asked Fletch to murder him later that week in exchange for $50,000 and a trip to Rio to lay low. He claimed to be facing a long, painful, and most certain death from bone cancer that he’d rather not suffer through, but he couldn’t commit suicide because it would nullify his insurance. Fletch told Stanwyk he’d do it, but something doesn't smell right to him. So now Fletch is trying to find out whatever he can on Stanwyk, which leads to a trail more twisted than Fletch could have imagined.

Personality... varied. As a gifted undercover reporter, he can pretend to be anyone he needs to be, even it requires him to dress up as Little Bo Peep. Or play tennis; he hates tennis. Though one thing is always consistent – Fletch is one of the funniest and quickest-thinking guys around.

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