Iris Steensma
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Iris Steensma

Taxi Driver

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About Her

Living… in Manhattan with her pimp, Matthew “Sport” Higgins. A prostitute at 12, Iris has already been fully exposed to New York City’s seedy underbelly – the nightlife, the pimps, the drinking, and the drugs.

Profession… prostitute. Iris prefers her street name, Easy, to her given name. While not much definitive is known about her past, the sense is that Iris is a victim, presumably kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Unexpectedly, she does not hate her life – while her job belittles her, it also empowers her in a strange way.

Interests… exotically colored sunglasses, and astrology. She seriously says, “I think that Cancers make the best lovers.”

Relationship Status… romantically involved, somewhat reluctantly, with her pimp Sport. At least Sport does seem to have some genuine affection for her. Call it Stockholm syndrome, but Iris is quick to defend Sport. They get along well (because they are both Libras, she argues) and he treats her relatively well. He has never beaten her once. However morally bankrupt his child prostitution practices may be, he protects her from other dangers that lurk at night.

Challenge… surviving her lifestyle. One night, Iris jumps in a cab and tells the driver to “just drive” before Sport pulls her out and walks her away down the street. The taxi driver, a man named Travis Bickle, is touched by the incident. He tracks her down and tries to convince her to run away. He rationalizes, “You're a young girl, you should be at home…. You should be dressed up, going out with boys, going to school, you know, that kind of stuff.” In spite of her tragic situation, Iris is not sure if she wants to leave –  partially because she suspects Travis is a narc. But, if she were to leave, it wouldn’t be to return to her parents back in Pittsburgh. She would rather move up to a commune in Vermont.

Personality… spunky and confident. It is hard to believe that Iris is only 12 years old. She is very mature for her age, which is simultaneously impressive and tragic, since she has been robbed of her childhood.

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