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Irene Cassini


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About Her

Grew Up… in the “not too distant future.” Irene is a valid, meaning that she was born with the aid of genetic engineering. Her parents selected her genetic makeup to give her an edge in life, but they were not as lucky as they had hoped: Irene was born with a high likelihood of heart failure.

Living… in a city where valids (genetically-engineered) and in-valids (naturally conceived) are separated into the social upper and lower classes. Genetic discrimination is forbidden by law, but it can occur even among valids—as Irene knows all too well.

Profession… celestial navigator at Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. Irene works with Jerome Morrow, a man with near-perfect genetics. She is intelligent, capable, and alert in her work on Earth, but harbors a quiet desire to go to space herself.

Interests… space, music, and high culture. Irene is more than usually attuned to the genetic hierarchy of her society, keeping careful track of others’ genetic sequences and admiring those with specialized genetic traits. She has sophisticated tastes, and epitomizes the upper-crust life of a valid. She also has a great love of space, especially the sun.

Relationship Status… unattached, and unromantic in nature. Irene has a pragmatic, even pessimistic approach to love, and is very self-conscious about her imperfect genes. She fears that any eligible bachelor – for instance, Jerome Morrow – would reject her if they knew.

Challenge… coming to terms with her physical limitations. Irene would love to go into space, but knows that her heart defect makes space travel impossible – it even makes running difficult. She doesn’t like others to know about her heart problem, and makes sure not to push herself physically.

Personality… intelligent but slightly callous. She strives to be accepted as the valid that she is, while secretly terrified that she will be disrespected for her condition. Irene is professional, calculating and career-driven, which makes her a difficult person to get to know. However, deep down, she does have a romantic streak.

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