Irena Dubrovna Reed
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Irena Dubrovna Reed

Cat People

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About Her

Grew Up... in Serbia without her father who died a mysterious death. Irena had a difficult childhood and was teased by the other children about her mother. They said that she was a cat woman.

Living... in New York City with Oliver, an American.

Profession... fashion sketch artist. That's why she moved to America's fashion capital, New York City. Though her work has been interrupted by some new developments.

Interests... cats. She used to read about them and draw them all during her childhood. The other children in her village had cats, and they could hug them and play with them. But cats don't like her. So instead of playing with them, she draws them – sometimes with swords impaled in their bodies.

Relationship Status... married to Oliver. Although they are man and wife, Irena refuses to sleep with him. She is afraid of what would happen if they got too close. As she tells Oliver, “I've lived in dread of this moment. I've never wanted to love you. I've stayed away from people ... I've fled from the past. Some things you could never know, or understand – evil things.”

Challenge... saving her marriage. Oliver has been talking about their marital problems with his assistant, Alice. Irena feels betrayed and suspects that Oliver and Alice may be involved in an affair. Although she tries to keep her composure, Irene may have hit her breaking point.

Personality… reserved, sly, and tortured. Irena has spent her life avoiding getting close to anyone, which has made her lonely and angry.  She is getting tired of hiding her true self – one with feline power. 

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