Ira Kane
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Ira Kane


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About Him

Overview... a former government scientist now teaching biology at a community college. After discovering a meteor carrying single-cell organisms that evolve into flatworms in the course of a day, Dr. Kane realizes he’s just witnessed a miracle – and a potential disaster. Declared a persona non grata by the government, Dr. Kane is torn between staying out of it and a sense of duty to save the world.

Personality...  wry, witty, and disgraced. Dr. Kane had resigned himself to a life outside of the limelight, stuck in the classroom instead of out in the field. He even managed to keep a sense of humor throughout it all, subverting most mad-scientist stereotypes with his easy-going and enjoyable nature. Even while these unbelievable discoveries unfold before his eyes, he’s always up for a wisecrack or dry understatement. How he keeps his cool is a mystery unto itself.

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