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Infinity Jackson

The Politician

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About Her

Grew Up... with her grandmother, Dusty Jackson. Infinity’s mom died when she was little and her “Nana” has been her primary caretaker ever since. The duo don’t have much money, especially not compared to the uber wealthy kids at Infinity’s school.

Living... with cancer. Infinity only intermittently attends Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbara, California. The rest of the time, she’s getting treatment for her disease. Curiously, however, she doesn’t actually know what type of cancer she has and all of her treatments are privately administered by one particular technician.

Visiting... as many places as possible. Lots of organizations kindly offer free trips or special opportunities to kids living with cancer. Infinity’s Nana seems obsessed with taking advantage of as many of these perks as possible—from cutting the line at Olive Garden to traveling “extensively” through Florida.

Profession... high school student.

Interests... stuffed animals, blankets, and old home movies.

Relationship Status... dating Ricardo. He may be a bit of a doofus, but Infinity loves him and he’s endlessly devoted to her. Infinity keeps their relationship a secret from her Nana, however, as she has a feeling her grandmother wouldn’t approve.

Challenge... helping Payton Hobart become student body president. Panicked about his position in the polls, Payton asks Infinity to be his running mate. Though Infinity is initially wary about being exploited by Payton, her grandma pushes her to agree (and maybe try to get some extra benefits from the wealthy Payton in the process). While Infinity is focused on spreading positivity at school, little does she know that a fellow student is warning Payton that she’s not actually sick.

Personality... guileless, childlike, and optimistic. Despite her tough life, Infinity is basically a ray of sunshine. As she puts it, “My Nana always says, ‘Infinity Maybelline Jackson, count your blessings because there are people in this world who have it a lot worse than you.’ And she’s right, I’m one of the lucky ones.” Yet there’s something slightly off about Infinity’s world too. She has an inner feistiness that sometimes seems like it’s being tamped down somehow. Is Infinity’s earnestness an act? Or is there something even more insidious at play?

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