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Grew Up… in a large country house. India’s father, a successful architect named Peter Stoker, always provided the family with luxurious surroundings. Though after his recent death in a horrific car accident, the mood around the house hasn’t quite been the same.

Living… with her mother and a curious new guest. Mrs. Stoker has invited India’s mysterious uncle Charlie, Peter’s brother, to stay in their large mansion. India’s mother Evelyn seems smitten with their new houseguest, while India rather coldly rebuffs his beguiling charms.

Profession… high school student. India, a quiet girl by nature, suffers emotional abuse at the hands of her peers. It is especially the male students’ use of sexual innuendo that tortures her so.

Interests… hunting. India and her father used to bond by going on long hunting trips. One would never know it by looking at her, but she can handle a rifle rather adroitly.

Challenge… discovering Charlie’s secret. India doesn’t trust her uncle, whose sudden arrival has thrown her house all out of order. Despite his worldly, charming perimsona, India senses a seep secret lurking behind his behavior.

Personality… sullen, morbid, and quiet. India only speaks when she’s forced to. Otherwise, the friendless young girl prefers a solitary existence to a wild social life. “My ears hear what others cannot hear,” she explains, “small, faraway things people cannot see are visible to me.”

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