Imperator Furiosa

Imperator Furiosa

    Mad Max: Fury Road
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a greener place, where things grew and her mother cared for her. Until that was all taken from her.

Living… in the Citadel, the only place with water for miles and miles of post-apocalyptic Australian desert. It’s a warrior society, and Furiosa is one of the very few women who’s managed to gain any kind of power. Most of the people in the Citadel are either crazed fighters called War Boys, or oppressed peasants half-dying from thirst.

Profession…  truck driver. It’s a prestigious occupation in a world where power is determined by how dangerous your car is, and Furiosa commands the giant tanker known as the War Rig. Now, however, she’s changed her career from “driver” to “rebel”. She stole the War Rig, hid five slaves on it, and she’s making a break for freedom.

Interests… driving, shooting, and staying alive. She has to take care of the five girls she’s rescued, and now she has some crazy stowaway who’s tried to highjack her truck. There’s a lot on her plate.

Relationship Status… not even on the table. She’s beginning to develop some respect for Max, the guy who escaped from the Citadel by trying to take her truck. He’s since agreed to work with her, and he’s not half-bad. But there’s not a lot of time for anything more than that, though.

Challenge… crossing miles and miles of hostile desert while avoiding pursuers from the Citadel and bandits, keeping the truck from breaking down, keeping the girls safe, dealing with Max, and probably more that she just hasn’t found out about yet. Oh, and some of the girls are pregnant. Yes, she has her hands full.

Personality… compassionate but pragmatic. She wants to save her companions from the horrible life they’ve known, and give them at least some hope. She’s looking for redemption after all the war she’s waged in the Citadel’s name. Her toughness and ability to make split-second decisions are the only reasons they’ve all made it this far.


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