Immortan Joe
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Immortan Joe

Mad Max: Fury Road

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About Him

Overview... a post-apocalyptic warlord who is treated like a God. He runs the citadel and the aquifer it contains, rationing drips of water to a thirsty populace while he lives luxuriously. Joe is the leader of the War Boys, a group of young men fanatically devoted to him, who one day hope to succeed in battle and ascend to a glorious afterlife in Valhalla.

Personality... charismatic, powerful, and possessive. He maintains a harem of wives he uses to produce an eventual heir to his throne. Joe is very old and in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it’s tough to find good healthcare. He requires a breathing mask and head to toe powder to relieve his painful rashes. However, his bulky armor hides his frail appearance and the War Boys still believe he is a divine and all-powerful being.

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Immortan Joe
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