Ilsa Lund
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Ilsa Lund


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About Her

Grew up… in Oslo, Norway, during easier times before the outbreak of World War II.

Living… with her husband, Victor Laszlo. Their marriage hasn’t been easy; at one point, Victor was arrested and rumored to be dead. But they have been reunited and are living together in Casablanca – a place they are finding out is the den of villainy.

Profession… member of the Resistance to the German Nazis. That’s why they have come to Casablanca. It’s run by the Vichy government, which is secretly run by the Nazis. The Nazis know they're there, and what's worse, the one person who might able to help them get out is her former lover, Rick, who owns the most popular nightclub in town.

Interests… music. One particular song, As Time Goes By, holds a lot of meaning for her. As she says to the piano player, “Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.” Seeing Rick again has made her realize how much things change with time.

Relationship Status… complicated. Isla loves her husband Victor, but seeing Rick has brought back the feelings and passions they used to share. Isla met Rick in Paris when she thought Victor was dead. She and Rick had an intense chemistry between them, but Isla ended things abruptly when she found out Victor was still alive.

Challenge… being torn between two men. Sure, she loves Victor's bold, selfless heroism, but she did deeply fall in love with Rick in Paris. At one point she must choose between the two loves of her life – the streetwise Rick and the headstrong Victor. But that is certainly not the hardest challenge she is facing. With danger lurking behind every corner in seedy Casablanca, can she manage to get out for good and escape this long war?

Personality… adventurous, poised, reserved, and loyal. Ilsa has a somewhat cool exterior; over the years, she has put up walls between her and others to protect herself. But Isla can’t bottle up her emotions anymore. She is coming to a point where she must decide the life she wants to live. 

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