Ike Graham
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Ike Graham

Runaway Bride

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About Him

Overview… a well-known and widely read newspaper columnist from New York. After writing a story about Maggie Carpenter – or, as she’s known in the media, the Runaway Bride – he’s fired for failing to verify his sources and information. To salvage his career, he tracks her down to write a new story about her upcoming marriage.

Personality… cynical, cunning, and argumentative. Ike’s a typical big-city guy who doesn’t quite understand the point of small-town charm, so he doesn’t fit in when he first arrives in Maggie’s hometown. But he is a talented journalist, and that means he’s determined (Maggie might say stubborn) and observant. He soon recognizes that Maggie is not being completely honest about her past relationships and marital failures. But can he be as perceptive and honest about his own feelings?

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