Idi Amin
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Idi Amin

The Last King of Scotland

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About Him

Grew Up… in a rural farming town in Uganda, with his mother’s family. During the 1930s, Uganda was very undeveloped and Western imperialism had sapped many of the resources they once had.

Profession… dictator of Uganda. He has overthrown Milton Obote in a military coup. Although he now believes he has conspirators lurking around every corner, Amin is the de facto leader of all of Uganda. He brings in Scottish physician Nicholas Garrigan to recreate the Ugandan health system, but Amin’s motives may be a bit less benevolent than Garrigan hopes.

Interests… Scotland, Scottish shirts, medicine, and power.

Relationship Status… married. Amin is a polygamist and has many wives, but he loves them all – for the children they bear and the love they give him in return.

Challenge… remaining in power. Many in Uganda seem to love him, even as he begins executing those who stand in his way. But Amin knows that there are some people, even in his own company, who would like to see him overthrown. And it doesn’t help that he has extreme paranoia about all of those around him. Amin seems to be taking the advice of Don Corleone from the Godfather: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Personality… paranoid, brutal, and charismatic. Perhaps the strangest thing about Amin is that he has such a fun-loving personality – but the moment you cross him he becomes a maniacal killer, unafraid of the moral consequences of murder. Amin is power-hungry, murderous, and never turns away from a challenge. 

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