Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo Momomiya

    Tokyo Mew Mew

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… the life of a normal Japanese 13-year old. That is, until she visits an endangered animals exhibit with her crush. A strange explosion after an earthquake imbues her with magical powers, and a mysterious guy named Ryou tells her that she and four other girls (the Mew Mews) now have to save the world.

Profession… normal student by day, magical supergirl by night. Or whenever alien parasites called “chimera animals” attack. Ichigo was given the power of the Iriomote cat, and in addition to various magical attacks she can do with the other Mew Mews, she sometime sports cat ears and a tail, or even turns into a cat herself. Ryou, whom she met at the exhibit, manages the Mew Mews and lets them know about new threats or opportunities. He also makes them work in a café he owns, which is generally fun but not exactly fair.

Interests… hanging out with her friends, and getting closer to her crush, Masaya. Now that she shares qualities with an endangered animal, Ichigo also has started to care a lot more about the environment.

Relationship Status… single. Ichigo has had a crush on Masaya for ages, but she doesn’t think he’s even noticed. Now she has to make sure that she doesn’t let her cat powers appear when she’s around him.

Challenge… saving Tokyo from chimera animals, and their sinister alien controllers. The aliens’ own world has been ecologically destroyed, and now they’re looking to start over on Earth. But first they want to wipe the slate clean – that is, get rid of humans, and especially the Mew Mews. Ichigo and her friends will have to use their powers well if they want to save the Earth.

Personality… chatty, upbeat, and friendly. She’s very devoted to her friends, and to Masaya. Ichigo is a little impatient and can get flustered easily, and she also can get really angry if someone is rude to her or someone she cares about. In general, she’s easily excited, and her emotions run high. At the end of the day, the thing she’d like best is to sit with Masaya and eat cake.


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