Ian Curtis
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Ian Curtis


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About Him

Overview... an icon who left a mountain of myth in his wake. As the frontman of the seminal post-punk band Joy Division, Curtis broke ground with his dark, introspective lyrics and instantly recognizable stage persona. Yet in spite of his relatively tame lifestyle (by rock star standards, anyway) and devotion to his wife, his demons were never too far behind.

Personality... brooding and enigmatic, yet gentle. Curtis’s famously volatile personality reserved different sides for different people. He could be alternately generous and volatile to his band mates and loved ones. Paradoxically, he seemed to reserve most of his darkness for his onstage persona, making him a fun-loving, good-humored eccentric in his private life. In the end, it was his epilepsy, as well as the intensifying mood swings from his medication, that proved to be his undoing.


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