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About Her

Grew up… in the One State, a totalitarian government. Surrounded from the agrarian outside by the Green Wall, the One State has long since conquered the entire world. And with Earth taken, it's now turning towards the stars.

Living… under watch. Like all other numbers of the One State, I-330 lives in a glass house that makes her daily activities easily monitored by the government officials who control her life.

Profession… worker of the One State by day, rebel by night. Outside the walls of the One State, a rebellion is brewing. Citizens of the outside world, disgruntled with the over-controlled, over-rational nature of the One State, are preparing to bring the Green Walls down. As a citizen of the One State, I-330 serves as a crucial link between the city and the rebels, thus making her a key figure in the coming revolution.

Interests… life before the One State. Besides frequently visiting the Ancient House, where many historical artifacts are placed, I-330 also enjoys smoking, drinking, and having sex without a government permit – all of which are highly illegal. I-330 doesn't seem to worry too much any potential danger, though, laughing in D-503's face when he admonishes her for imbibing and assuring him he will eventually "drink this charming poison with me."

Relationship Status… running a string of lovers, but currently involved with D-503. The chief engineer of the Integral, the ship headed to conquer other planets, he's a stolid, traditionalistic patriot who doesn't have the slightest idea of freedom, much less rebellion. Still, he's important to the cause, and I-330 is confident she can reawaken his cold, logical heart to the pleasures of love.

Challenge… bringing down the One State. It's not an easy task – with a thousand years of global domination and psychological control under its belt, the One State seems impossible to oppose. I-330, however, refuses to give up, and with her new contacts in the Integralproject, she's certain change will be coming soon.

Personality… bold, confident, and rebellious. In stark contrast to other numbers, I-330 has sex with whomever she wants, flaunts whatever she wants, and questions the government whenever she wants – and all with a laugh, too. A fierce individualist, I-330 believes that "you can only love that which refuses to be conquered." And from the way she acts around men, she's certainly trying to live by that philosophy.

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