Hughie Campbell
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Hughie Campbell

The Boys

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About Him

Living... in New York City, at home with his dad. The guy is still living in his childhood bedroom – not exactly who’d you expect would be at the cutting edge of taking on the Supes.

Profession... working at Bryman Audio-Visual and helping The Boys avenge the death of his girlfriend Robin. Now he spends his days infiltrating the Seven, getting injected with Compound V by Billy the Butcher. Sure, the stuff gives him special powers, but it also makes him a lot to deal with. He’s also using the technical skills he learned at Bryman in his new line of work, hacking into houses and cameras when duty calls.

Interests... music and audio equipment. Hughie takes his tunes very seriously, though his tastes might be a bit outdated. He likes folk stuff – Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor – but also 80s classics too.

Relationship status... conflicted. Hughie lost his girlfriend Robin after A-Train barrelled through her and shattered Hughie’s life in an instant. That got him involved with Butcher, who made use of Campbell by making him start a relationship with Starlight. Now Hughie’s in a dilemma – does he continue his dalliance with one of the world’s hottest superheroes, or does he avenge the death of his beloved Robin?

Challenge... avenging his girlfriend’s death without losing his life in the process. Hughie has decided to take on the hardest team of superheroes in the world. He’s just an ordinary joe up against immeasurable odds. The deeper he goes into this mess, the more he finds himself vulnerable to the same impulses and weaknesses that corrupted his enemies.

Personality... good boy who’s had enough. Something broke inside Hughie that day A-Train killed the love of his life. He went from a guy who had never dreamed of getting into a simple fist fight, to a guy with a vengeful blood lust. His nerdy impulses haven’t entirely left him, and they surface from time to time. He didn’t ask to be a hero, but he’s tired of civilians being disregarded in favor of celebrity supes. He’s looking for justice.

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