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Overview... mad scientist. Well, given his misanthropic mentality and love of science, Huey Laforet would normally be considered a mad scientist – if he were capable of showing emotion, that is. An immortal alchemist living (and imprisoned) in the 1930s, Huey doesn't seem particularly interested in anything except science experiments, scientific progress, and science, period. Somehow, however, he's managed to gather a cult of fanatic followers, who are hell-bent on breaking him out of Alcatraz prison.                                                         

Personality... intelligent and manipulative, but apathetic and nihilistic. Huey isn't a fighter, preferring to pull the strings from the background, but he's got enough puppets to be as deadly as any killer. He's not a particularly friendly personality, but there are signs that he cares for a few people. Most of them, however, also happen to be dead – often killed in gory, gruesome fashion in front of Huey's eyes. 

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