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Living... somewhere in Washington, D.C. Huck is a loner and a mystery.

Profession... “tech guy” for Olivia Pope & Associates, although he does much more than fiddle with computers. OPA is an elite crisis management firm that helps the powerful deal with their scandals. With a murky past that may or may not have involved the CIA – “I don't talk about that,” he tells his co-workers – Huck is as capable of tracking someone with breadcrumbs as he is with any GPS-enabled device. However, it is his proclivity towards torture and killing that makes him especially terrifying (and useful) to the team. Once Huck finds the bad guy, it’s guaranteed that he'll get information from him, one way or another.

Interests... playing video games, gathering intel, and observing families. As it turns out, before Huck became a ruthless killer, he was just a new college grad who enlisted in the Marines and had a girlfriend (Kim) and son (Javi). After being recruited by B613, a black-ops government organization, Huck's dreams of having a family were snatched away, leaving a broken man who yearns for what he could never have.

Relationship Status... single. Huck isn't really in the market for a new girlfriend, although “Becky” from his AA meetings starts to change that. Moreover, Huck seems to be growing close to OPA's new girl, Quinn Perkins, who wants to become his prodigy.

Challenge... reeling back the killer within him. Huck is not only good at killing, but he loves it. “It makes me feel strong,” he admits. “I looked at myself in the mirror and I finally recognized that person I once knew so well. That person who went out all the time, sometimes just for fun. And now that I’ve seen that person again, I don’t know if I could ever go back.” Thus, Huck depends on Olivia to ensure that he doesn't revert back to the man B613 made him. However, that version of Huck always lurks nearby, resisting the temptation wrought by a job that often requires extralegal means to uncover secrets and recover or dispose of bodies.

Personality... quiet, reclusive, and loyal. Huck is a company man, whether the company is B613 or Olivia Pope & Associates, and sometimes those loyalties clash. When it comes to Olivia, Huck never asks questions, blindly following the woman who saved him after he was cast aside by B613. Although he takes a liking to Quinn, he continues to keep the world at a distance because, in his words, he is a “very loyal monster... [and] monsters eat people.”

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